Speaking Engagements

I am available for public speaking engagements to small groups, schools, support groups, religious groups, events, business organizations, and anyone who would find my story inspirational or motivational for their group.

I have overcome a lot in dealing with many disabilities. But my story isn’t just about overcoming disabilities. It is about never giving up no matter how hard things may seem. My whole journey to Mount Washington is a testimony to that. Yes, I was already disabled with neuropathy when I started conditioning myself to climb to the top of Mount Washington, but I had numerous setbacks along the way; the biggest was when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. In spite of that, and a subsequent brain surgery, I did manage to reach my goal of climbing Mount Washington one week before my third brain surgery. The climb itself was also an example of never giving up, because on that hike so many things went wrong that I could have given up, but I didn’t.

If you find my blogs to be inspirational, and you think my story can help others and motivate others to never give up on their goals, please contact me to make arrangements. (Currently I am limited to areas within a 75 mile radius of Concord, NH.)